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Product Description

Calibration Water Bath

Product code: 822-950

Calibration Water Bath

  • ideal for checking the accuracy of probe thermometers
  • temperature range +25 to 95 °C
  • user friendly LED display
  • easy to use and setup

The Calibration Water Bath offers a compact, accurate and reliable system which can be used for the temperature calibration of thermometers and temperature probes using the comparison method. The bath operates over the range 25 °C to 95 °C with a temperature accuracy of ±1 °C (+25 to 70 °C) * and stability of ±0.1 °C with a bath uniformity of ±0.1 °C when measured from centre to any corner.

The water bath features a user friendly LED display, with minimal setup required. The stainless steel bath capacity is 5 litres, and incorporates a variable flow/speed pump of 0 to 20 litres per minute. For increased accuracy checks, it is recommended that a Reference thermometer is used as a calibration reference.

For continuous use in the temperature range 25 to 60 °C we recommend the bath be filled with distilled water, between 60 to 80 °C 15% glycerine water solution and between 80 to 95 °C a suitable silicone oil.

Each bath is supplied complete with lid, drain tap and carry handles.



Technical Specifications:

range: +25 to 95 °C
resolution: 0.1 °C/°F
accuracy: ±1 °C (+25 to 70 °C) – better than ±0.2 °C if the calibration bath is used in conjunction with Reference Thermometer
bath capacity: 5 litres
pump flow/speed: 0 to 20 litres per minute
bath stability: ±0.1 °C over a 45 minute period
bath uniformity: ±0.1 °C when measured from centre to any corner
power source: 230 volt AC (±10%) 1.5A
display: LED digital
dimensions: Internal: 130 x 130 x 260 mm, External: 318 x 380 x 445 mm
weight: 12000 grams



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