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Product Description

Bare Probe for External Temperature Recorder – 1.5 Meter Cable Length

Flexible sensor, delivering rapid response to temperature fluctuations.

Supplied standard (part# ST100B-15) with 1.5m (4€™11€) or 3.0m (9€™10€) cable terminated to MCX plug for plugging into LogTag TREX.

NOTE: LogTag ST100 sensors are designed and calibrated for interchangeability with TREX loggers to the standard rated accuracy of the product. If a TREX/ST100 probe combination is calibrated to a higher level of accuracy (as is possible) then care should be taken to always use the same TREX/ST100 combination for measurements as the ST100 sensor is not rated interchangeable at accuracies better than the TREX/ST100 rating in this specification. Not for use with food.

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