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Product Description

AND SJ-WP 3000

The IP67 Dust and Water Proof SJ-WP offers innovative features that ensure the highest efficiency for cleaning and weighing. The SJ-WP is therefore particularly suitable for the catering and food processing industry. The innovative loadcell mounting makes the scale fully waterproof while at the same time improving the weighing speed and stability. Other innovative features include Negative Weighing, Auto-Tare together with an extremely long battery life of approx. 5000 hours.


    • IP67 Dust and Water Proof. Can be completely immersed in water for cleaning


    • Externally mounted loadcell aids high speed weighing typically 0.5sec stabilization


    • Integrated loadcell overload protection


    • Four user selectable weighing resolutions


    • 5000 hours of operation from regular dry cell batteries (approx 2.5 years in normal operation!)


    • Large 26mm Backlit LCD display


    • Touch sensitive capacitive keys


    • Multi-coloured 5 step LED comparator lights


    • Take-away Negative Weighing mode


    • Auto-Tare of Initial weight + Auto-Tare on Target weight


    • Selectable weighing units: g, kg, lb, oz, ozt, lb-oz, tael, tola, Newton


    • Auto Power OFF Function


    • Battery Level Indicator


Additional Information

The scale can automatically Tare when the weight reaches the set target range, saving you time and repetitive manual operations.

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