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Product Description

9″ Kitchen Scissors


9″ Kitchen Scissors with food grade stainless steel serrated blade and BST XDETECT® – metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic handles. These scissors are a premium quality scissor suitable for food production or any other environment where hygiene and foreign body risks must be minimal.


The overall length of the scissor is 9” (23cm), with the blades (pivot to tip) being 4” (10cm) in length.

Product Advantages 

• Detectable by in-line metal detection systems & x-ray inspection systems

Bright Blue or Red handles for easy visual identification (Other colours by special request*)

• Strong, durable, shatter resistant & chemically resistant materials

• Compliant with EU & FDA food contact legislation, including mandatory EU migration test standards

• Stainless Steel 4” blades with serrated edge, for sharp and crisp cutting of most materials

• Maximum cut length of 3 ¾“(8cm)

• Displays due diligence in the prevention of foreign body contamination

• Blades can be easily sharpened for long lasting service

*MOQ on other colours is 100 pcs – Other XDETECT colours include Red, Green, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, Pink & Purple



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