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Sinclair and Campbell is a leading supplier of Digital Temperature Measurement and Monitoring Instruments to the Food Processing and Catering industries, whilst also offering specialist instrumentation support to all Food Chain sector’s to meet Audit, Inspectors and HACCP requirements.

Supplying Digital Thermometers, Temperature Probes, Wireless & Hard-Wired Temperature Monitoring Systems, Data Loggers, Dry-Well Block Calibrators, Stirred Water Baths & Infra-Red non-contact Thermometers on behalf of the UK’s leading manufacturers.

We supply an extensive range of Thermocouple Type’s K, T, J, R, S, Thermistor, NTC, PT100, PT1000 & 2K Probes, we also offer the facility for manufacture of Special / Customised temperature probes to meet your applications.

We also supply an extensive range of Test & Measurement Instruments covering :

  • Air Flow, Humidity, Moisture, Pressure, Light, Sound-Noise, Optical RPM, Tachometers, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Flue-Gas & Power-Quality Analysers and ATEX-IS Instruments.
  • Analytical- Portable & Bench from small handheld pH Meters, Refractometers, Conductivity etc to Bench standing Titrators for exact measurement of Salt Content, pH and Moisture Balance Analysers using Halogen Bulb or Infra-Red methods.
  • Scales including the Super SS Range, Calibrated Weights, Waring Laboratory Blenders and Bostwick Consistometer’s & Cooking Oil Testers.
  • UKAS Certificates of Calibration to Thermometers, Relative Humidity, Airflow & Pressure.
  • Quick turn-around for UKAS Temperature Certification to ETI, TESTO, Klipspringer, HANNA, Digitron, Comark, ATP, Kane Instruments etc. See section Calibration Services for further details.

Sinclair and Campbell is based in Scotland and has been operating for 17 years selling products throughout the UK and Ireland. We have over 25 year experience working within the Instrumentation Industry supplying first class service and support.

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