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Product Description

Data Angel Temperature Wireless Monitoring

The DataAngel is a wireless stand-alone monitoring system which can be used to monitor temperature, humidity, gas leak detection, electrical energy consumption and fault signals.

Only DataAngel Wireless Sensors & Wireless Repeaters are compatible
with a DataAngel Base Station.
Each base station can be paired with a maximum of 19 Wireless Sensor and Repeater inputs.
Technical Data



  • Wall Bracket
  • Cable Channel
  • Ethernet Port
  • USB Memory Port
  • Power Socket
  • Volt Free Relay
  • Wall Bracket Fixing Lug
  • Channel Number Sensor Reading Value
  • High Set Point Indicator
  • Low Set Point Indicator
  • Date Setting Symbols
  • Alarm Delay Symbol
  • USB Memory Indicator
  • Sensor Type Symbol
  • Battery Low Symbol
  • Wireless Strength Symbol
  • Clock Setting Symbol
  • System Menu Symbol
  • System Alarm Symbol
  • Memory Full/Fault Indicator

Data Angel Monitoring System Base Station

Built to meet all the challenges of a modern monitoring system.
A robust, reliable and accurate monitoring system designed and manufactured n the UK.


  • Completely Stand Alone operation
  • Optional on board Ethernet with HTTP server
  • Receives input from upto 19 DataAngel Wireless Sensors
  • 5 minute recording intervals
  • Up to 10 years on board data storage
  • Up to 5 dierent factors can be monitored at one time
Technical Data
Dimensions 125mm (W) x 145mm (H) 55mm (D)
Weight 600 g
Operating Temp. 0°C to +40°C
Material ABS
Supply 5V dc via external power brick (Supplied)
Operating System Embedded
Processor DS400 with 2M ash 1M Static Ram
Display Customer LCD with Backlight, 97mm (W) x 58mm (H)
User Management
Passwords Administrator and user level passwords
Log Alarm and event log
Archive Data & Reports
External USB Stick 1gb Standard providing 1 yrs archived data at 5m interval
USB USB 2.0 ( For reports and data backup )
HACCP HTML & CSV reports produced daily to external USB.
Alarm notication
Screen Provides real time data detailing current alarm status
Sounder Internal sounder
Relay Single volt free relay output providing NO & NC contacts
Email (Option) Up to 5 external email addresses
IP (Option) Alarm message directed to up to 3 IP addresses
Low powered Radio Module
Frequency 433 Mhz (UK/Europe) Licence free band
Power 10mW maximum
Communications Bi-directional
Protocol Proprietary
Sensor Types
Wireless Up to 19 devices providing temperature, Humidity, Energy, Gas
Leak/Level Detection and Volt Free Digital Inputs.
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