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Product Description

Klipspringer Dual Thermometer – Infrared/Folding Probe IRTLC750i

• Display with backlight for reading in dark
• Rotating display to enable easy reading

  when using both infrared and probe
• Double laser pointer
• Compact, fits into any pocket
• Surface measurement with infrared
• °C / °F switchable
• Exchangeable battery


Technical Specifications

Dimensions 169.5 x 44 x 23 mm without probe Resolution 0.1 °C
Weight aprox. 140 g IP rating IP 65
Measuring range -50 °C…+250 °C Probe dimensions Length 100mm x diameter 3.0 to 2.34mm (stepped)
Battery 2 x AAA (Micro) Operating temperature -25 °C…+50 °C
Storage temperature -30 °C…+70 °C Measured variables Temperature
Battery lifetime 10 h when used continuously Certificate Factory calibration certificate
Accuracy – Infrared ±4.0°C between -50.0°C and -30.1°C ±2.5°C between -30.0°C and -18.1°C ±1.5°C between -18.0°C and -0.1°C ±1.0°C between 0.0°C and 65°C ±2% (or 2%) between 65.1°C and 250.0°C Accuracy – Probe ±0.5°C between -30.0 and 99.9 ±1.0°C above 100.0 or 1% for remaining measurement range(whichever is larger).
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