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Product Description

HI-98509 Checktemp1 Pocket Thermometer


Check out HANNA Checktemps

  • High accuracy
  • Calibration feature
  • Pocket dimensions
  • Simple to use

Quick accurate temperature measurement

Complete with unique calibration check feature,

Hanna Checktemps are some of our best selling pocket thermometers.
Each model in the range is small, compact and comes complete with the unique Hanna Cal Check to confirm the accuracy of your measurements – time after time.
All models are supplied complete with probe, battery and full operating instructions.

Main benefits

  • 100% accurate, whatever the viewing angle
  • Ideal for spot checks
  • Small, lightweight, easy to clean

Ideal for:

  • Semi-solids and liquids
  • Laboratory samples

100% reassurance with Hanna Cal Check

With the Hanna Cal Check you can verify the accuracy of your meter in seconds – each and every time it is used.

Activated by a simple switch, the Cal Check simulates an ice bath of 0.0?C giving a confirmed base reading from which to test.
With a tolerance limit of +/- 0.4°C, you can be completely confident that your measurements are accurate.


Checktemp offers high accuracy over a wide range without the need to worry about breakage or condensation.
A compact meter with a direct probe, it is ideal for taking quick-fire temperature measurement in semi-solids and liquids.
Easy read digital display – whatever the viewing angle
Simple to use with direct probe

Supplied with

  • Penetration probe and protective cap
  • Battery and instructions


Checktemp 1 is a high accuracy thermometer with a 1m flexible cable for easy access in hard-to-reach locations.
The sharp-tip stainless steel probe is designed to easily penetrate semi-solid products.
It can also be used for taking measurements in liquids, air and frozen materials.
Using an NTC thermistor sensor to deliver high levels of accuracy with speed and efficiency, Checktemp 1 is ideal for routine controls and quick sampling.

Supplied with

  • Penetration probe and cable (integral to meter)
  • Battery and instructions
Technical Data
Specification HANNA Check Temp 1 Thermometer
Sensor Type NTC
Measurement Range -50°C to +150°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.3°C (-20 to 90°C) / ±0.5°C (outside)
Probe Stainless steel penetration 160 x 3mm on 1m cable
Battery Type 1 x 1.5v AAA
Battery Life approximately 3 years of use
Environmental Specification 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95
Dimensions 106 x 58 x 19mm
Weight 80 grams
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