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Product Description

Stainless Steel ThermaData® Data Logger with Internal sensor

Stainless Steel ThermaData® data logger range.
– ideal for food, pharmaceutical
and other
high temperature applications.


  • Temperature range -20 to 105°C
  • Operating temperature -20 to 105°C
  • Food grade 316 stainless steel housing
  • Integral USB interface for setup and download
  • Five models available, with internal sensor or external probe


Stainless steel data-loggers that are ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other applications where a high temperature data-logger is required.
The Stainless steel ThermaData® logger is housed in a water resistant, food grade 316 stainless steel case to protect the logger from corrosion, impact and moisture (IP67).

The ThermaData® logger software allows the user to programme the logging sample/interval rate (1 to 255 minutes), the real-time clock, °C/°F, delayed start (maximum 23 hours, 59 minutes) and a 12-character user ID.
The software also incorporates a password protected calibration adjustment feature that allows the user to check the calibration of loggers and make minor adjustments 0.5 °C (±3 °C).

By selecting continuous logging in the software options, it is possible to start the ThermaData® logger only once and never have to reset its parameters again, even if downloaded regularly.
Unlike most low cost loggers, the ThermaData® stainless steel data logger will continue recording during and after downloading the data.

Five models of the stainless steel ThermaData® loggers are available, one with with internal sensor and four with optional standard fixed probe dimensions of :

—¾Ã˜4.4 to Ø3.3 mm tip x 50 mm probe
—¾Ã˜4.4 to Ø3.3 mm tip x 100 mm probe
—¾Ã˜4.4 to Ø3.3 mm tip x 150 mm probe
—¾Ã˜4.4 to Ø3.3 mm tip x 200 mm probe

Other probe lengths are possible – please contact our sales office for a customised quote.

Each logger is supplied with a two metre USB lead and ThermaData® logger software.

ThermaData® logger PC software

The ThermaData® logger is connected to a PC via the internal USB connector or a USB lead (supplied). By selecting the relevant icon the data can be downloaded and displayed either as a graph, table or summary.
The user can also set, within the software, high and low alarm values for a specific application.
The information can then be analysed by zooming in, storing to disc or exporting to other software packages.

Technical Data
Specification Stainless Steel ThermaData® data logger
Range -20 to 105 °C
Operating range -20 to 105 °C
Resolution 0.5 °C
Accuracy ±1 °C (±0.5°C with calibration utility)
Memory 2048 readings
Sample rate 1 to 255 minutes
Battery 3.6 volt half AA lithium
Battery life 3 years minimum
Dimensions 130 x 22 mm ( exc probe )
Weight 45 grams

EAN Code:5024368156877

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