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Product Description

Bostwick Consistometer 50cm Long


    • Engraved Graduations in 0.5 cm Divisions


    • Wear & Smear Resistant


    • Assures Accurate Results


    • Length 418mm


    • Through length 500mm


    • Width : 88 mm


    • Height : 104 mm


    • ASTM F1080-93


  • 316 Food Grade Stainless Steel

We supply Bostwick Consistometer to food manufacturers around the world.
These are available in Standard Length (24cms) and Extra Long (30cms).
This straightforward technology checks samples against consistency, viscosity or flow rate standards.

The Bostwick Consistometer is invaluable to many industries to standardise production lots.
It is a simple, dependable instrument, which accurately determines sample consistency by measuring the distance which a material flows under its own weight.

The Bostwick Consistometer is used extensively in the food industry for measuring the consistency, flow rate and viscosity of jams, jellies and other highly viscous products such as tomato paste, tomato ketchup, tomato puree, fruit puree, yoghurt, condensed soup, mayo, chili sauce, mustard, cheese sauce, batters, cake mixes, gravies, sauces, baby foods, salad dressings, frostings, fillings, chilled food and ready meals, Chocolate Industry etc

The unit is manufactured from stainless steel with a 75ml reservoir and has two levelling screws and a level.
A spring-operated gate is held by a positive release mechanism, permitting instantaneous flow of sample to be measured.
The trough is graduated in 0.5cm divisions to permit accurate measurement of flow.
Complies to R-81294D and ASTM F1080-93.

Portable and easily cleaned, the Bostwick is available in standard length (24cm trough with 48 0.5cm graduations) and also with an extra long 30cm trough (60 x 0.5cm graduations).

The extra long unit is especially suited to very thin less visocus soups and sauces.

    • Stainless Steel Construction


    • Engraved Graduations (0.5cm divisions)


    • Portable and easily cleaned


    • Accepts 75ml of sample


    • Spring loaded gate prevents premature flowing of sample


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