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    KANE 3500-5 High Accuracy Differential Pressure Meter

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  2. High Accuracy Differential Pressure Meters

    Product Features
    • Resolution to 0.1 pascal / 0.001 mbar onthe KANE3500-1

    • Temperature compensated for superior accuracy

    • Switchable between high and low resolution.

    • Switchable between: mbar, Pa, hPa, kPa, mmHg, mmH2O, inH2O and PSI

    • Data hold and max/min recording

    • Printouts include date/time and user details

    • Automated Tightness Testing on KANE3500-1 and KANE3500-2

    • High/low resolution and smoothing features

    • Pressure meter

    • Rubber hose

    • Protective pouch

    The Kane3500 series have high accuracy at low pressure and are therefore suitable for difficult applications such as ‘flue draft’measurement and measuring the differential pressure of gas/air ratio valves on modern high efficiency boilers.
    The pressures in both these applications pulsate so the ‘smooth’ feature found on all the KANE3500 series can be used to damp the readings.

    There are 5 models available:

    KANE3500-1 ± 1 psi / 80 mbar

    KANE3500-2 ± 2 psi / 160 mbar

    KANE3500-5 ± 5 psi / 400 mbar

    KANE3500-15 ± 15 psi / 1040 mbar

    KANE3500-30 ± 30 psi / 2070 mba

    All KANE3500 models are temperature compensated to minimise the “drift” in readings which can occur when electronic manometers are subject to temperature changes, e.g. when taken from a cold van into a warm building.

    The KANE3500-1 and -2 can both perform timed Let-by, Stabilisation and Tightness Tests which are automatically logged in the memory. The user can adjust the duration of each test.

    All models have an infra-red output to an optional printer (KMIRP).

    Live’, ‘held’ and ‘logged’ readings can be printed. Printouts include date, time and a ‘header’ which can be set by the user.

    Technical Data
    Nominal Pressure RangesMeasured Range ResolutionAccuracy
    ± 80 mbar± 0.2 mbar
    ± 1 mbar
    ± 80mbar
    0.001 mbar
    0.001 mbar
    0.01 mbar
    ±0.005 mbar
    ±0.03 mbar
    ± 3% of reading

    • Weight: 285 grams with battery

    • Handset: 150mm x 72mm x 23mm (172mm including spigots)

    • Ambient Operating Range: +0ºC to +45ºC / 10% to 90% RH non-condensing

    • Power Supply: 9 Volt PP3 alkaline battery

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