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    Testo 465 Non Contact Tachometer
    [0563 0465]

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  2. Testo 465 - Non Contact Tachometer

    With SoftCase (protective case) in transport case (plastic), incl. reflectors, batteries and calibration protocol

    • Highly affordable

    • Easy one-hand operation

    • Storage of mean/max/min value, last reading

    • Robust design on account of SoftCase (protective case)

    • Measurement distance up to 600 mm

    Using testo 465, rpm can be easily measured without contact.
    Simply attach a reflector to the object to be measured and then point the visible, red light beam at the reflector and measure

    Technical Data
    Display5-figure LCD display, 1-line
    Storage temperature-20 to +70 °C
    Operating temperature0 to +50 °C
    Battery type2 batteries Type AA
    Battery life40 h
    Weight145 g
    Dimensions144 x 58 x 20 mm
    Probe - RPM ( optical )
    Meas. Range+1 to +99999 rpm
    Resolution0.01 rpm (+1 to +99.99 rpm)
    0.1 rpm (+100 to +999.9 rpm)
    1 rpm (+1000 to +99999 rpm)
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