1. QuadRTDTempV2 4 Channel Temperature Data Logger
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    QuadRTDTempV2 4 Channel Temperature Data Logger

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  3. The QuadRTDTempV2 4 channel RTD/PT100 temperature data logger promises the delivery of accurate and reliable data and is designed to be used in conjunction with a 1/10 DIN 4 wire PT100 temperature sensor probe (PR02-RT4). Manufacturer’s claim that the input into this multi channel data logger is +/-0.04°C with a resolution of 0.01°C.

    The MadgeTech data logger software allows you to make offset adjustment, alongside a more accurate reference thermometer and temperature source capable of generating temperatures across your process validation range.

    This 4 channel data logger has a measuring range 200°C up to +850°C, however please liaise with our engineers if you have a specific range/accuracy requirement.

    The QuadRTDTempV2 is an adaptable temperature data logger, which allows configurable recording intervals from four times a second up to once a day. It also facilitates the execution of long temperature studies due to collecting up to 87,296 readings per channel. As well as this, it has a 115,200 baud rate, meaning data can be extracted swiftly.

    Users can display data in various formats, such as graphs, tabular data and statistic tables via the Madgetech data logger software. Furthermore, users can view the data in maths channels, where an average of the data from all channels is plotted alongside the physical channel data, time to thresholds, lethality, time above limits and more.

    Features • ±0.04 °C Calibrated Accuracy • Real-time Operation • Up to 4 Hz Reading Rate • Pushbutton or Programmable

    Start Time • Title Channels • External Power or User

    Replaceable Battery • Accepts 2, 3 and 4-wire RTD’s • Calibration Certificate included

    Benefits • Simple Setup and Installation • Minimal Long-Term Maintenance • Long-Term Field Deployment

    Applications • Calibration Chamber Monitoring • Process Verification/Validation • Warehouse Monitoring • Precision Temperature Monitoring • HVAC • Clean Rooms • Medical/Pharmaceutical • Museum Monitoring • Environmental Studies • Replace Costly Strip Chart Recorders • Implement HACCP Programs