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    HANNA Portable pH meter for milk LOGS WATERPROOF GLP

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  2. Technical Data

    The HI-98161 is a rugged, waterproof, portable pH meter that measures pH and temperature using the specialised FC2023 Foodcare pH electrode. This professional, waterproof meter complies with IP67 standards. The HI-98161 is supplied with all necessary accessories to perform a pH/temperature measurement packaged into a durable thermoformed carrying case that holds the meters, probes and calibration buffers securely in place.

    Just a nibble into the HI-98165 potential...
    ✓ Waterproof - The professional meter is IP67 rated.
    ✓ CAL CheckTM - Alerts users to problems.
    ✓ Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
    ✓ Calibration.
    ✓ 200 hour battery life approximately with 1.5V AA batteries (x4).
    ✓ Clear display.
    ✓ Auto hold.
    ✓ Calibration timeout.
    ✓ Connectivity.
    ✓ GLP.
    ✓ Stainless steel body
    ✓ Conic Glass TipM
    ✓ Built-In Temperature Sensor
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