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    Chauvin CA8230 Power Quality Analyser

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  2. Technical Data

    Supplied with the Chauvin MN93A current sensor (120 A).

    The Chauvin Arnoux C.A 8230 is a category III (IEC 61010-1) 600V single-phase AC+DC power quality analyser with graphic display. It measures the RMS values, powers, and disturbances of electricity distribution networks and can be used for a snapshot of the main characteristics of a network and to track variations of the different parameters over time.

    The C.A 8230 can be used not only for a snapshot of the main characteristics of a network, but also to track their variations over time. The multitasking measurement system simultaneously performs all functions required for the measurement of the various quantities, detection, continuous recording, and display without constraint.


    Electrical network power analyser. Harmonic decomposition. Trend recorder. Alarm capture. Inrush current.

    Chauvin CA8230 Specifications:
    • Voltage range: 6 V RMS to 600 V RMS AC+DC.

    • AC current range: 5 mA to 6,500 A..

    • DC current range: 1 A to 1,700 A..

    • Values: Min, Max, Avg, Peak (+ and -), CF..

    • Power values: W, VA, var, DF, THD, cos φ, tan φ..

    • Energy: Wh, VAh, varh..

    • Harmonics: up to the 50th order..

    • Inrush waveform: 18 s..

    • IEC 61010 CAT III - 600V..

    • Screen: ¼ VGA colour LCD..

    • Recordings: Up to several days..

    • Alarms: 4,096..

    • PST flicker: Yes..

    • Phase rotation: Yes, with display of phase order in three-phase systems..

    • Storage of measurements: Yes..

    • Protection rating: IP54..

    • RS232/USB port: Yes..

    • Power supply: Batteries, charge life up to 40 hours..

    • Dimensions: 211 x 108 x 60 mm..

    • Weight: 880 g (with rechargeable batteries)..

    • Chauvin C.A8320 Warranty: 1 year..

    Includes: C.A 8230 instrument, 1 carrying bag, 6 fitted 1.2 V rechargeable batteries, 1 red banana lead (straight-straight), 1 black banana lead (straight-straight), 2 x 4mm test probes (1 red, 1 black), 2 crocodile clips (1 red, 1 black), 1 mains adapter, 1 optical USB cable and Power Analyser Transfer software.
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