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    ETI Therma 1T Thermometer - high accuracy thermometer

    Price:  £53.00


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    Therma 1T Thermometer with ±0.2 °C high accuracy

    • high accuracy type T thermocouple probe socket

    • FREE traceable certificate of calibration

    • UKAS 3 point certificate available (+£44)

    • temperature range -100 to 400 °C

    • 0.1 °C resolution

    • price excludes probe - wide range of probes available


    The new Therma 1T thermometer utilises a type T thermocouple sensor which offers both fast response and a measurement range of -100 to 400 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution. Each unit is housed in a robust ABS case that contains 'Biomaster' additive which reduces bacterial growth.

    The Therma 1T features a large, easy to read, LCD display with open circuit and low battery indication.

    Each thermometer is powered by three AAA batteries that give a minimum of five years battery life. The instrument will power off automatically after ten minutes, maximising battery life. This feature can be disabled by the user, if not required.

    The Therma 1T is priced excluding probe. Click 'Accessories' tab for a small selection of our high accuracy (±0.2 °C ) type T thermocouple probes suitable for use with the Therma 1T, for alternative probes please contact our sales team or explore other options on this website.

    FREE traceable certificate of calibration included
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