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    Digitron 2006T Digital Thermometer -250°C to +400°C

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  2. Technical Data
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    The rugged 2000 Series provides precise, stable readings and high accuracy even in the harshest of environments. They are simple to operate, fast, reliable and built to last.

    In this unique range we can offer advanced features such as speed read, logging and dual input instruments which combined with interchangeable probe options makes this series a leader in its field. Optional coloured rubber boots add protection and style to these multi-functional instruments.

    • T Type Sensor

    • 2 Pin Mini Connector

    • Hold Function

    • -250°C to +400°C/ -418°F to +752°F

    • Simple to operate 2 year standard warranty

    • Long battery life: typically 500 hours

    • Standard splash-proof IP65

    • Robust case for long life in harsh environments

    • Accuracy exceeds European food regulations

    • Ergonomic design

    • Magnified backlit digital display

    Probes and Acessories

    The 2006T is available with either a general purpose T type probe DGT0234D or as the meter only - choose from our large probes and accessories to suit your application.
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