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    Testo 102-1 - Penetration probe
    [0612 1021]

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  2. Testo 102-1 - Penetration probe
    The testo 102-1 penetration probe transfers temperature measurement values to the HACCP management system. Simply connect it to the headset socket of the tablet using the 3.5 mm audio jack, and you can immediately begin taking temperature measurements in the production, processing and storage of foods. The spiral cable (unrolled length: 1000 mm) provides freedom of movement, allows flexible work, and keeps everything tidy.

    Via its NTC sensor, the testo 102-1 measures at high resolution in a broad temperature range. It is HACCP-compliant and meets the requirements of protection class IP65. This means it is ideally suited for daily use everywhere where food is sold, stored and processed – and where temperature checks ensure quality and hygiene. This is the more cost effective of the two options, although it doesn't give you the option of contactless measurement.
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