1. Testo 250 - HACCP Management System
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    Testo 250 - HACCP Management System
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  3. Testo 250 - HACCP Management System

    With the testo 250 HACCP management system, for the first time it is possible to 100% digitally control all measurements, checks and documentation in the context of HACCP.

    Key Advantages include:

    • Track the status of all tasks and processes in an instant - Every step is automatically documented and updated.

    • Always be prepared for audits or complaints - All data is securely stored and available at a moment’s notice.

    • Saves you time and money - HACCP processes are managed by planning and collecting data efficiently.

    • No more paperwork - All processes are managed digitally so there is no longer need for manual administration.

    The Complete HACCP solution

    Quality is crucial for all companies in the food industry. In 1959, the HACCP concept was created by NASA and the Pilsbury Corporation to ensure the highest level of food safety for the first manned space flights. Its objective is to avoid possible dangers in food production, in order to protect the health of consumers. Since the documentation of all processes and quality data is crucial in HACCP, up to now the concept could only be realised with huge quantities of checklists, forms and documents. This becomes a problem when, in cases of audits or complaints, clearly assigned proof needs to found quickly.

    cal checkWith the testo 250 spot checks have never been simpler

    Finally manage HACCP with ease

    The HACCP management system testo 250 uses paper-free documentation of HACCP processes, and supports the guided set-up of a HACCP plan based on the Codex Alimentarius. With it companies can trace all quality data on a single device and massively improve the efficiency of their HACCP processes. Recordings can then be used as proof of activity, so you can be certain produce is being correctly monitored.This results in a considerable advantage for companies. In short, having more efficient HACCP processes will save them both time and money.

    Using a completely digital system also minimises human errors which can occur when filling out checklists by hand. Responsible quality managers can then trace all quality data at the touch of a button, ensuring they are always prepared for unexpected complaints or audits.

    Cockpit, Control Unit and Check: The components of testo 250

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    With the testo 250 HACCP Cockpit – the web-based control centre of the system – the quality manager defines the HACCP processes and correction measures, as well as all measurement and checking ­tasks. With the Cockpit­ the user can analyse all measurement data, and view the status of set tasks

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    Control Unit and probes
    The compact testo 250 HACCP Control Unit was developed for the on-site staff entrusted with measurement and documentation tasks. It consists of a high-performance tablet with a durable protective cover, specially developed for use in rough, humid and hectic surroundings. To make optimum use of the Control Unit, the user can incorporate a temperature probe to take measurements. There are two compatible probes available; the testo 102-1 (standard wired plug in probe) and the testo 104IR Bluetooth (Infrared and penetration thermometer connected by Bluetooth).

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    Finally the testo 250 HACCP Check App is pre-installed on the tablet and guides the user safely through each individual step of the HACCP process. Measurement values are either input directly or via Bluetooth. If measurement results are critical or limit values are exceeded, the App immediately picks up on this and provides instructions on corrective measures. In addition, documentation using photos, scanning of barcodes and identification of users and locations via NFC technology are implemented.

    Existing processes and integration
    A major advantage of the HACCP management system is it can quickly be combined with an existing wireless LAN. As soon as an internet connection is set up, all processes, proofs and measurement values will be collated and stored via the testo cloud. There they are securely stored and protected from data loss and manipulation.

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    The new testo 250 gathers all your HACCP data completely digitally and securely in one system.

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    Traceability at the touch of a button.
    All data are automatically documented, securely stored in the Cloud, and can be analysed online. This allows an immediate reaction to audits or complaints.

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    Timely intervention.
    If anything is not running according to process, the responsible persons are immediately informed and can quickly intervene with corrective measures.

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    Avoid human error.
    The staff are guided step-by-step through the HACCP process, on site and in an easy-to-understand way. Amongst other things, the testo 250 clearly indicates when a work step has been carried out incorrectly or not at all, and what must be done if a measured temperature deviates from the stored limit value, for example.

    cal check100% HACCP. 0% paper.

    What is HACCP?

    HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is an official set of process food safety guidelines which covers all stages of the food production chain and is something that all companies involved with food production & distribution must strictly adhere to. Quality is crucial for all companies in the food industry. In 1959, the concept was developed to ensure impeccable quality.

    The main objective is to avoid possible dangers in food production, in order to protect the health of consumers. Documentation of all processes and quality data is crucial in HACCP, up to now the concept could only be realised with huge quantities of checklists, forms and documents. This becomes a problem when clearly assigned proof needs to found quickly for example in cases of audits or complaints.

    How does HACCP affect my business?

    As part of routine inspections, an enforcement officer will check that the business has an appropriate HACCP-based food safety management system in place. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that food companies not only understand what is required of them, but also that they have the correct tools to monitor this. For more information on HACCP guidlines and requirements visit: www.food.gov.uk/business-industry/caterers/haccp

    How can I ensure my HACCP processes are mangaged effiently and with minimal hassle?

    As you will know well if you work within the food sector, managing HACCP processes can be a lengthy procedure involving a lot of time and work. In order to implement it correctly, you and your staff need countless checklists, papers and documents. If you need concrete proof from the HACCP process, for an audit or complaint, it is often difficult to find.

    Historically it has been difficult to know for certain whether all involved are really carrying out their respective tasks according to the process. The complexity of such processes results in all those involved investing a great deal of time – time which could potentially be used for more profitable tasks. All in all HACCP management is a huge challenge throughout the food chain, but testo now has a solution to make this challenge much more manageable.

    How the Testo HACCP Management System works

    In short, the Testo 250 makes HACCP processes far more manageable. It allows the user to trace all quality data on a single device, thus removing the need to take down readings manually. This will not only increase effeciency of measurements, but will also reduce the likelihood of user error. Recordings can then be used as proof of activity throughout the process, so if there is an issue, you can be certain the fault doesn't lie with you (even more importantly, you will be able to prove it!). Quality parameters can be measured in all areas of the food industry, for example in food production, manufacturing, storage or processing.

    cal checkConnect your bluetooth thermometer to the HACCP system and start recording in an instant

    In addition to the Control Unit (tablet), the HACCP management system consists of an HACCP Cockpit which is operated via a regular internet browser, and two temperature measuring instruments. All components are linked to each other via the Testo Cloud. All processes, proofs and measurement values are collated and securely saved to online storage. Below is a breakdown of the available components for the HACCP Management System:

    The testo 250 HACCP Control Unit (Tablet)

    The testo 250 HACCP Control Unit is the first and perhaps most important component of the HACCP management system. It is a combination of intelligent software and robust hardware. A high performance, 8.1" tablet is housed in a dishwasher-safe protective case, which was developed specially for use in the food sector. It has been built to be impervious to impact and falls. It is dust and watertight, and has an impressive 11 hours of battery life. The testo 250 HACCP Check App is pre-installed on the tablet. It provides guidance through all the HACCP procedures.

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    addition to product temperature checks using your chosen probe - "sell-by" dates, the optical quality of packaging, and adherence to hygiene regulations can all be checked and documented via the tablet itself. All quality data is then transmitted to the Cloud by wireless LAN, where they are securely stored and can be accessed anytime. This data can then be viewed and evaluated by the administrator via PC, tablet and Smartphone. In cases of audit or complaint, the required proof is ready and available at the touch of a button. Further to this, operating directives or process optimisations can be easily updated via the Cloud.

    HACCP Check App (included with testo 250 Control unit)

    The intuitive Android App offers a paperless solution, as well as practical and targeted functions for following:
    • Calendar overview of HACCP jobs to be done

    • Guided working through checklists

    • Easy implementation and documentation of correction measures

    cal checkTrack and store the details of incoming goods

    • Direct measurement data recording (required accessories: testo 104-IR BT or testo 102-1)
    • Tamper-proof data transfer by wireless LAN

    • Documentation with photos

    • Identification of users and locations by NFC technology

    • Printing of batch numbers, retention sample labels etc. (required accessories: label printer for testo 250 HACCP management system)

    Connectable probes

    In order to be able to make optimum use of the testo 250 Control Unit, you additionally need a connectable temperature probe. Measurements are carried out using connectable instruments, which plug straight into the tablet. There are two compatible probes available, the testo 102-1 and the testo 104IR Infrared/penetration thermometer (Bluetooth). Here is a short summary of each:

    Testo 102-1 - Penetration probe

    The testo 102-1 penetration probe transfers temperature measurement values to the HACCP management system. Simply connect it to the headset socket of the tablet using the 3.5 mm audio jack, and you can immediately begin taking temperature measurements in the production, processing and storage of foods. The spiral cable (unrolled length: 1000 mm) provides freedom of movement, allows flexible work, and keeps everything tidy.

    Via its NTC sensor, the testo 102-1 measures at high resolution in a broad temperature range. It is HACCP-compliant and meets the requirements of protection class IP65. This means it is ideally suited for daily use everywhere where food is sold, stored and processed – and where temperature checks ensure quality and hygiene. This is the more cost effective of the two options, although it doesn't give you the option of contactless measurement.

    Testo 104IR - Infrared and penetration thermometer (Bluetooth)

    The testo 104IR (Blutooth) combines a waterproof penetration thermometer with integrated infrared sensor and is ideal for those who need to record a variety of spot checks. With the Infrared function you can measure a product without damaging packaging, in instances this is a necessity.

    It also has a foldable penetration probe which is securely stowed away within the instrument itself. This can come in really handy if you need to measure the core temperature or if an infrared measurement isn't appropriate for any reason (if a limit value is exceeded or undershot for example). The thermometer connects wirelessly to the testo 250 tablet via bluetooth. Simply connect and all measurements will immediatley start recording.

    Licence for the testo 250 HACCP Cockpit

    As well as the testo 250 unit and probe you will also need a corresponding licence. This is a crucial part of the HACCP management system as it gives you ability to access your findings. You can access the HACCP 'cockpit' via your regular internet browser. Functions of the 250 cockpit include:

    • Dashboard function

    • Job planning

    • Data analysis

    • Reporting

    • Creation of an HACCP plan based on the Codex Alimentarius

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