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    Testo 869 - Thermal Imaging Camera
    [0560 8690]

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    Our best ever value thermal camera. Combining high performance with an unbeatable price, the testo 869 makes top-quality thermography affordable for everyone.

    Part number: 0560 8690

    The testo 869 thermal imaging camera was developed in collaboration with experts from the heating industry, building trade, and facility management. It is perfect for detecting leaks, pinpointing thermal bridges or visualising overheated connections.

    Combining high infrared performance, easy operation, and an unbeatable price, the new testo 869 makes high-quality thermography affordable for everyone. Built specifically for functions in a contractor's daily job, its professional technology belongs in every toolbox.

    Technical highlights

    •High resolution for very good image quality: 19,220 temperature measurement points for precise and accurate measurement results – infrared resolution 160 x 120 pixels
    •Visualise small temperature differences: The thermal sensitivity is smaller than 120 mK
    •Focus-free 34° lens ensures a wide field of view, perfect to view the temperature distribution of measurement objects
    •Display of critical temperature conditions: automatic hot/cold spot recognition.
    •Pro software for easy image evaluation on the PC
    •Option to store thermal images in JPEG format

    Key Applications
    Thermal imaging can be used for a huge variety of tasks, across many different industries. From mechanical maintenance to checking freezer doors are correctly shut, the number of uses really is boundless. Here are just a few of the key applications thermal imaging is used for all over the world:

    Detecting structural defects and ensuring construction quality

    Analysis with a Testo thermal imager is a fast and efficient method of detecting possible structural defects. Furthermore, thermal cameras are ideal for providing proof of the quality and the correct implementation of construction measures. Any heat losses, humidity or areas of air permeability in a building will then be visible. The testo 869 makes it possible to detect faulty thermal insulation and structural damage – all using a non-contact method!

    Typical applications:
    •Checking the air tightness of windows and doors
    •Finding insulation defects and thermal bridges in the building shell
    •Detecting and visualising areas that are prone to mould
    •Mapping underfloor heating systems
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