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    CheckPoint II O2, O2/CO2 Headspace Analyser

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  2. The CheckPoint II is a portable analyser for quality control of Modified Atmospheric Packages (MAP).
    Easy to use and an excellent way of transitioning from paper based to electronic record keeping.
    Simply indicate the batch number and product ID and there is an efficient, error free transfer of test data to a PC.

    Perfect for small to medium sized operations, or situations where a portable device is beneficial or essential.
    The robust design will provide many years of operation and is easy to operate – requiring only a minimum of training.
    It can be configured to match any quality control set up.

    Please click on the link below for CheckPoint II Video

    Play CheckPoint II Video

    • Available for either oxygen or combined oxygen/carbon dioxide measurement

    • PC software included

    • Easy data transfer to a PC via the included DockIn

    • Standard low cost syringes

    • Optional built in bar code scanner for product, operator and batch selection

    How it works
    After power up the unit is ready to use. The operator selects the appropriate test programme, enters the batch number and other essential data – either via the easy touch buttons or the optional bar code scanner.

    Insert the syringe through a septum and into the package and the test started with the touch of a button.

    During the test process a small gas sample is automatically drawn into the analyser and in 6 seconds the result appears on the display together with an easy to read alert. The test result will be stored in the unit and transferred to the included PC software the next time that the unit is placed in the DockIn.

    Technical Data
    Available ConfigurationsO2
    O2 & CO2
    Electrochemical / dual wave infrared
    Key FeaturesNot cross sensitive to alcohol or carbon monoxide
    Expected sensor lifetime is 2 years in atmospheric air
    The combined O2/CO2 analyser features a unique compensation for both temperature and cross sensitivity to CO2 in the O2 reading
    Sample Volume6 ml10 ml
    Sample Time6 sec10 sec
    Measuring Range0-100%0-100%
    Resolution0.1% O20.1% O2 & CO2
    Sensor accuracy at
    1% O2, and 20% CO2
    Better than ±0.3% O2Better than ±0.25% O2
    and better than ±2% CO2
    Heating TimeNone
    Dimension 65 x 130 x 160 H x W x D
    Power SupplyRechargeable lithium battery ( more than 2000 measurements ) Charger 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
    Delivery IncludingDockin station for recharge and data transfer, PC Software package
    OptionsStandard consumable kit ( part no 280243 )
    Built-in Bar Code Scanner
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