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    EUROLEC CSEC3 Multi Port Calibration DryWell

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  2. Calibration Drywell - CSEC3

    Range of -30°C below ambient temp, to +105.0°C

    • 3.5mm port for reference thermometer probe
    • Easy to use PID controller
    • 6 probe chamber access ports;
    • 1 x 2mm, 2 x 3.5mm, 2 x 5.5mm, 1 x 8.5mm,
    • 80mm immersion depth

    The CSEC3 provides a very cost effective and simple to use system
    for on site / laboratory calibration of contact probe thermometers,
    to comply with quality standards such as ISO9001 and HACCP.

    The CSEC3 is a dry block source for temperature calibration, incorporating a temperature control system (PID controller & platinum film sensor) to achieve accurate and stable temperatures.

    Complementing the existing CSEC1 & CSEC2 models, the CSEC3 represents a very competitively priced option for inhouse calibrations. Supplied with system calibration certificate traceable to UKAS.

    Model CSEC3 features a temperature range from 30°C below the ambient temperature (or -10°C minimum) addressing many critical temperature requirements for food and lab applications e.g. the traditional calibration points of 0°C & 100°C. Temperature is displayed in °C / °F.

    Technical Data
    Specification CSEC3
    Range -30°C below ambient (or -10°C minimum) to +105.0°C
    Resolution 0.1C
    Accuracy Better than ±0.3°C
    Stability Better than 0.03°C
    Heating time: Ambient to 105°C 7 mins
    Cooling time: Ambient to -5°C 7 mins
    Power supply † 100V to 240 VAC
    Operating temp. +5 to +40°C
    Dimensions (l x w x h) 190 x 185 x 110mm
    Weight 2.7 Kg
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