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    Testo 875-1i - Improved Thermal Imaging Camera
    [0563 0875 V1]

    Price:  £1,999.00


  2. Testo 875-1i -
    Improved High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera

    Inbuilt digital camera, 160x120 pixel resolution,
    sensitivity of NETD < 50 mK,
    measuring range of -20 to +350°C,
    Field of View of 32°.

    Kit comes complete with
    • In a robust transit case

    • Including pro software,

    • Soft-Case,

    • Carrying strap,

    • SD-card,

    • USB cable,

    • Lens cleaning cloth,

    • Mains unit,

    • Li-ion rechargeable battery and tripod adapter.

    The Testo 875-1i. professional and versatile thermal imaging
    with excellent thermal sensitivity, outstanding image quality
    and easy handling.

    The range has been upgraded and the Testo 875-1i (improved) range now offer even more features and benefits at our best value prices ever
    The T875i Series offer better thermal sensitivity, an inbuilt digital camera, extended temperature range and laser pointer.

    The Testo 875-1i quickly and reliably detects anomalies and weak spots in materials and components.
    Thanks to an imaging process, energy losses and cold bridges as well as damage or overheating in industrial systems are detected without contact.
    Whereas with other methods, cable or pipeline systems must be exposed over a large area, with the 875i, a single glance is enough.

    • ◦160x120 pixel resolution to provide quality Thermal Images

    • Thermal sensitivity of NETD < 50 mK to show even the smallest temperature differences.

    • An extended measuring range of -20 to +350°C.

    • Wide Field of View of 32° with a standard lens.

    • Manual Fine Focus with a minimum focus distance of just 10cm.

    • A built-in digital camera leads to easier analysis and allocation of the thermal images to the measuring object.

    • The built-in laser point can be shown on the measuring object for easy orientation.

    • The Testo 875i-T2, in addition to the above, also offers voice recording and the option to exchange between wide angle and telephoto lenses allowing easy adaptation to different sizes and distances of measuring objects.

    • It also offers Isotherms, Power LEDs, a high temperature option and a special mode for highlighting areas for potential mould.

    Technical Data
    Product T875-1i
    High quality wide angle lens 32º (as std) Standard
    Thermal sensitivity0.05, (50mK)
    Temperature range-20°C to +350°C
    Image refresh rate 33 Hz
    Detector 160x120 interpolated to 320x240 pixels on display Standard
    NETD ,0.08, (80mK) thermal sensitivity Standard
    Focus Min focus distance 10cm Manual
    2 GB SD data storage Standard
    Capacity to change lenses Not available
    USB cable, tripod mounting plate Standard
    Li-ion battery & mains unit adaptor Standard
    Testo IR software Standard
    Automatic Hot/Cold spot recognition Standard
    Display of surface moisture distribution (manual input) Not available
    Lens protection glass Optional
    Integrated digital cameraStandard
    Telephoto lens Not available
    Additional battery Optional
    Fast charger Optional
    Sunshield/Softcase Standard

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