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    Testo Workplace Welfare Advanced Set
    [300563 5352]

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  2. Workplace Welfare Advanced Set

    The new Workplace Welfare Sets from Testo
    provide you with the right instruments
    to carry out effective monitoring of all key parameters.


    To ensure a healthy working environment.
    Employers need to make sure there is:

    • Good ventilation – a supply of fresh, clean air drawn from outside or a ventilation system

    • A reasonable working temperature (usually at least 16°C, or 13°C for strenuous work, unless other laws require lower temperatures)

    • Lighting suitable for the work being carried out

    Workplace Welfare Advanced Set Contains:
    • Testo 435-2 multi-function instrument (0563 4352)

    • Indoor Air Quality probe (0632 1535)

    • Lux probe (0635 0545)

    • CO probe (0632 1235)

    • Testo 815 sound level meter (0563 8155)

    • Transport case

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