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    Testo 312-4 - Pressure Meter (Water / Gas)
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  2. Testo 312-4 - Pressure Meter (Water / Gas)

    Differential pressure meter incl.
    battery and calibration protocol

    A manometer for carrying out all necessary tests
    on gas heaters and pipes as well as water pipes.
    Inherently safe thanks to the use of C-Flex hoses with high impermeability.
    Legally compliant measurement procedure for pre-test, main test and leakage quantity measurement on gas pipes.
    Recording of measurement values over a defined period (e.g. 24 h) and data transfer and analysis on PC software incl. graphic presentation

    • Gas-tightness and serviceability test by pressure drop on gas pipes according to DVGW-TRGI 2008

    • Load test on gas pipes according to DVGW-TRGI 2008 with the help of the high pressure probe

    • Checking the regulator by recording the measurement values over a defined period

    • Checking the gas connection pressure and gas flow pressure as well as setting the jet pressure on gas burners and boilers

    • Pressure tests on drinking water pipes with water using the high-pressure probe according to DIN 1988 (TRWI) as well as with air accoding to the ZVSHK information sheet

    • Pressure test on waste water pipes according to DIN EN 1610

    Technical Data
    MemoryApprox. 25.000 readings
    WeightApprox. 600 g
    Dimensions219 x 68 x 50 mm

    Technical Data
    Probe - Type K
    Accuracy±0.4 °C (-100 to +200 °C)
    ±1 °C (remaining range)
    Resolution0.01 °C
    Probe - High pressure probe
    Meas. Range0 to 25 bar
    Accuracy±0.5% of fsv
    Resolution10 mba
    Probe - Pressure probe
    Meas. Range0 to 200 hPa
    Accuracy ±0.03 mbar (0 to +3 mbar)
    ±1.5% of mv (+3.1 to +40 mbar)
    ±2 mbar or ±1% of fsv (+41 to +200 mbar)
    Resolution0.01 mbar


    Testo Analysis and configuration software (312) Part number: 0554 3332 £137.00

    RS232 cable Part number: 0409 0178 £42.50

    Pressure drop test set Part number: 0554 3153 £108.00
    200mbar, incl. manual bulb pump, hoses, T-fitting w/ valve, conical test stopper 1/2

    Test pump to produce pressure (for 312 series) Part number: 0554 3157 £44.50
    Create up to 6000mbar in pressure
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