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    Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit
    [0563 3100]

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  2. Testo 310 - Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit

    Including: Hard case, rechargeable battery,
    usb mains cable, silicon hose for pressure,
    5 x filters, calibration protocol,
    180mm probe with cone,
    spare pressure plugs.

    • Robust - Robust and light instrument for daily use,
      excellently suitable even for rough and dirty
    • Illuminated display - Two line display and clear
      menu structure. Easy to operate and clearly
    • Automatic zeroing of sensor - Automatic zeroing
      of the gas sensor in only 30 seconds after starting,
      which can be cancelled if not required
    • Lithium rechargeable battery - Operation with
      lithium rechargeable battery (1500 mAh) –
      no need to change battery, up to ten hours
      running time, charging via USB possible
    • Probe filter - Quickly and easily exchangeable
    • Attachment - Integrated magnets for easy fixing
      to burner
    • Condensate trap - Integrated condensate trap
      – very quickly and easily emptied
    • Printer - Documentation via infrared interface

    The new testo 310 - Flue Gas Analyser combines simple functions with a high level of measurement accuracy, and is perfect for all basic measurements on heating systems. Long battery lifetimes of up to 10 hours guarantee high availability. It’s easy handling and compact design make the testo 310 a robust tool for daily work – even when things get rough. The printer specially developed for the testo 310, including infrared interface, allows you to create clear reports on site as required. The current measurement value can be printed out of any measurement menu during or after the measurement. You present the results of your work to your customer “black on white”.

    The testo 310 offers all advantages of electronic flue gas measurement in high quality at a perfect cost-benefit ratio. testo 310: Measure. Print. Done. All settings under control at all times. The testo 310 stands out thanks to its easy handling and menu-guided security. You can read off the measurement values confidently and conveniently from the well-lit display, even in bad light conditions. The fuels are stored not just as numbers, but are each described. At the top edge of the clear display, the symbols for the different measurement menus are always in view. The display and the dirt-insensitive keypad are clearly structured. Operation is very easy – even if you only have one hand free. And you always get right to the point.

    Thanks to the automatic zeroing of the gas sensor, the testo 310 is ready for use shortly after being switched on – only 30 seconds to start is unbeatably fast. The testo 310 intentionally concentrates on the four core measurement functions flue gas, ambient CO, draught and pressure. The instrument has two measurement sensors for O2 and CO, and a temperature sensor integrated into the flue gas probe. The gas sensors measure the exact oxygen and carbon monoxide content as well as the flue gas and ambient temperature. From these data, all relevant measurement parameters such as CO2 value, degree of effectivity and flue gas loss are calculated. Since the flue gas probe is permamently fixed to the instrument, there are no single parts in the way.

    Technical Data
    Storage temp-20.0 °C to +50,0 °C
    Oper. temp.-5 to +45 °C
    Power supplyRech. batt.: 1500 mAh, mains unit 5V / 1A
    MemoryNo memory
    DisplayBacklit 4-line display
    Weight (with probe)approx. 700 g
    WarrantyMeasuring instrument, flue gas probe, gas sensors: 24 months
    Thermocouple: 12 months
    Rech. batt.: 12 months

    Technical Data
    310Measuring range Accuracy ±1 digitResolution Adjustment time t90
    (flue gas)
    0.0 to 400.0 °C ±1 °C (0,0 to 100,0 °C)
    ±1.5 % of reading ( > 100 °C)
    0.1 °C< 50 sec
    (Ambient temperature
    -20 to +100.0 °C± 1 °C0.1 °C< 50 sec
    Draught measurement-20.00 to +20,00 hPa ± 0.03 hPa (-3.00 to +500 hPa)
    ± 1.5% of m.v. (remaining range)
    0.1 hPa-
    Press. measurement-40,00 to +40.0 hPa± 0.5 hPa0.1 hPa-
    O2 measurement0,0 to 21.0 vol.%± 0.2 vol.%0.1 vol. %30 sec
    CO measurement0 to 4000 ppm ±3 ppm (0 to 30 ppm)
    ±10 % of M.V. (31 to 200 ppm)
    ±20 ppm (201 - 400 ppm)
    ±5 % of M.V. (401 to 2000 ppm)
    ±10 % of M.V. (2001 to 4000 ppm)
    1 ppm60 sec
    Ambient CO
    0 to 4000 ppm ±3 ppm (0 to 30 ppm)
    ±10 % of M.V. (31 to 200 ppm)
    ±20 ppm (201 - 400 ppm)
    ±5 % of M.V. (401 to 2000 ppm)
    ±10 % of M.V. (2001 to 4000 ppm)
    1 ppm60 sec
    Determination degree
    of effectivity (Eta)
    0 to 120 %-0.1 %-
    Exhaust gas loss0 to 99,9 %-0.1 % -
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