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    Digitron P200M Intrinsically Safe Digital Manometers

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  2. Intrinsically Safe Digital Manometers

    Key Features
    • Certified to EEx ia IIC T4

    • High accuracy

    • Choice of pressure ranges

    • Robust case

    • Clear, digital display

    • Battery life for 300 hours

    Five of the Digitron manometer range can be supplied IS certified as individual units.
    All instruments are certified for use in inflammable or explosive atmospheres.

    Certified by BASEEFA, UK’s leading Intrinsic Safety approvals house, the units are classified as EEx ia IIC T4

    This certification is equivalent to EN60079-0:2004 and EN50020:2002.
    The units are ready for site use anywhere, immediately. P200 instruments are suitable for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic liquids and gases. Liquid pressure can be measured using an air buffer.

    Case proven! - their tough construction makes them extremely durable and, therefore functional in not only hazardous atmospheres but also rough environments.

    Where safety and accuracy matter

    The P200IS is the best in pressure measurement technology for the user involved with dangerous environments.

    Technical Data
    Resolution Lo' denotes low range/high resolution 'Hi' denotes high range/low resolution
    (Combined Hysterisis and linearity)
    20°C to 30°C -0.1% rdg +0.1% fs + 1 digit
    -20°C to 50°C -0.15% rdg +0.15% fs + 1 digit
    Maximum Over Pressure P200UL.is 1000mbar
    Max line pressure P200L.is & P200M.is 2000mbar
    Max line pressureP200H. is 4000mbar
    Max line pressureP200AH.is 4000mbar
    Operating Temperature
    -20.C° to +50°C (-4.F° to +122°F)
    Battery Type 9V PP3 Style zinc chloride IEC style 6F22
    (Type PP3S orequivalent
    Battery Life 100 hours typically
    Display 12.7mm/05" custom LCD with automatic legend display
    Low Battery Check BAT' shows on display
    Environmental SpecificationsIP64 Standard
    Dimensions 140 x 70 x 26mm/5.5 x 2.8 x1.0"
    Weight 250g/8.8oz
    Other FeaturesZero control. Engineering units show on display
    (Standard calibrations).
    Connections: push fit 4mm/0.157" I.D. 6MM/0.236" O.D.
    nominal, retaining nut supplied.

    Technical Data
    ....Model........ Lo Range........ Hi Range....
    P200 UL 0-19.99mbar 0-100mbar
    P200L 0-199.9mbar 0-500mbar
    P200M 0-199.9mbar 0-1000mbar
    P200H 0-199.9mbar 0-2000mbar
    P200AH 0-199.9mbar 0-2000mbar absolute
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