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    Testo WiFi Saveris 2 - T3 (temperature data logger)
    [0572 2003]

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  2. WiFi Saveris 2 - T3 (temperature data logger)

    Wireless data logger with display and 2 connectors for TE-temperature sensor, and free cloud access. Measuring range: -195 to +1350 °C. Please note: This logger requires an external thermocouple probe.

    Monitor with wireless data loggers testo Saveris 2-T3 your temperatures during certain processes or in warehouses, storage rooms and work rooms. The with the connectable thermocouple probes (TE) measured temperature values ​​are recorded reliably even over long periods and sent directly via your wireless network to the Testo cloud (online storage). With your internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC you can retrieve values ​​anytime, anywhere.

    Saveris 2 WIFI loggers have a number of advantages over both conventional data loggers and monitoring systems. Here’s a breakdown of the features:

    Automatic reports

    With Saveris 2 loggers you are sent reports automatically, via email. This way you aren’t required to manually extract any data from your loggers, saving you time and inconvenience. These can be sent daily, weekly or monthly (it's up to you!).

    With the new reporting system it couldn't be easier to manage your data

    Free email & SMS alerts

    Email alerts are unlimited and you will receive 25 free SMS alerts a year (per logger). If you require more SMS messages than this additional SMS bundles are available for purchase.

    Options to meet your requirements

    With 5 logger variants for both temperature and humidity, Saveris 2 loggers can cover a variety of measuring ranges depending on your requirement.

    Mobile friendly

    Reports are accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone, so are able to keep on top of things wherever you are.

    With the new reporting system it couldn't be easier to manage your data

    Affordable and simple to use

    Monitoring systems are usually expensive and require time-consuming installation, not to mention maintenance. With a Saveris 2 system you can get up and running from as little as £119.00 (ex vat.) and it couldn’t be easier to set up and get started.

    24 month warranty

    As standard we offer an extended warranty for Saveris 2 loggers so you can also relax knowing you’re covered for a 2 year period.


    Monitoring temperature and humidity is particularly important where incorrect climatic conditions can have drastic consequences. Businesses can incur needless costs should a cooling or heating system malfunction, leading to wasted stock or worse. Such costs can be detrimental to production and ultimately profit margins. Examples of Saveris 2 applications include:

    • Food production

    • Facilities maintenance

    • Supermarkets

    • Museums

    • IT server rooms

    • Metrology

    • Pharmacy storerooms

    With the new reporting system it couldn't be easier to manage your data

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