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    D3 Wireless Temperature Alarm & Monitoring System

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    Designed and manufactured in the UK, the wireless D3 monitoring system provides a wide range of industries with a high level view of various environmental factors such as temperature, energy and relative humidity.

    With an array of benefits such as a touch screen base station, simple sensor pairing process and remote alarming, the D3 gives peace of mind when it comes to protecting valuable inventory. The real time data capture allows for the prediction of potential hazards before it becomes a dilemma.

    There are 2 primary versions of the monitoring system, the D3 and the D3 LITE. The main differences between the two is the number of sensors that can be paired to each system, the data back-up media and a battery back-up function. THE D3 LITE will appeal to companies looking to monitor up to 20 different points whereas the D3 can hold up to 150 sensors making the systems flexible and scalable to individual needs.

    D3 Wireless temperature alarm & monitoring system family

    A new monitoring generation

    The D3 family of wireless monitoring systems are used across a broad range of market sectors meeting the most stringent standards to assist customers comply with HACCP, BRC, FDA and MRHA legislative requirements. The systems are standalone and connect direct to your business IT network with no need for any dedicated pc, server or specialist installed software. Data from the base station can be viewed direct on the colour touch screen or via a standard web browser.

    System overview

    A typical system comprises of a base station, wireless sensors and where necessary wireless signal repeaters (range extenders). The wireless sensors are paired with the base station to form a secure communication network. If the wireless sensor is not in range of the base station, an optional wireless signal repeater can be added to increase the distance. Multiple repeaters form a mesh network allowing the base station and sensors to communicate over long distances and in complex structures. Each wireless sensor monitors the sampled factor (e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure) and sends the reading each minute over the wireless network to the base station. The base station reviews the data against pre-set warning and critical alarm parameters as defined by you to generate alarm notifications. All readings are stored in a secure tamperproof format for later review and creation of reports.

    Interface access

    The web server interface enables 24/ 7 permission based user access. User management is controlled by one or more system administrators. Each user is automatically allocated a unique electronic signature which along with their details are recorded against each action they make providing total accountability. The web interface provides access to real time data, alarm notifications, full audit trails, analytical graphing tools and a report generator all via a standard browser. Monitored devices can be organised into groups. Status page provide real time data together with their operational settings and current status. A tabbed section provides quick view sorted lists enabling the user to quickly highlight potential issues and devices in alarm from a single click.

    Radio transmitters

    The D3 wireless sensors cover a comprehensive range of measurements. Our systems supports both our Standard Wireless Temperature sensors and our advanced Intelligent Sensor Ranges. Both types of sensor offer long range operation with user replaceable batteries with excess of 5 years operation.

    Standard temperature sensors

    Our standard temperature sensor range offers a cost effective option for monitoring temperature. The sensing technology is built into the radio transmitter. Utilising NTC sensors they offer high accuracy with low drift. We offer two sensor types; Radio transmitter with an internal sensor or a radio transmitter with external temperature sensor on a remote cable. Sensors can be supplied with full UKAS calibration certification.

    Intelligent Sensors

    These high accuracy sensor perform the necessary conversion from the measured factor to digital data which is then sent by the radio transmitter. Each intelligent sensor has its own unique id and contains multipoint calibration data including the date it was last calibrated and certificate number. Intelligent temperature and humidity sensor can be provided with factory calibration to UKAS standard. Intelligent sensors attach directly to single or dual input transmitters.

    Technical Data

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