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    Digitron 2000 Series Pressure Meters Manometers

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    Please click here to download the 2000 Series Pressure Meter data Sheet.

    Digitron’s 2000 Series of hand held digital manometers are easy to operate, reliable and built to meet the performance and cost demands of today’s industrial and HVAC professionals.

    General Overview
    The 2000 Series offers twin input for differential or gauge measurement with pressure ranges from 25mbar to 10bar & Absolute

    Key Features
    • Pressure ranges from 25mbar to 10bar

    • Logging and leak testing – ideal for more accurate gas tightness test

    • Positive and negative (vacuum) pressure measurement

    • Auto ranging displays – for precise readings

    • Selectable auto switch‑off – saves on operation cost and battery life

    • IP67 BSI Cert 229/000132 – Dust and waterproof for added protection

    • Selectable pressure units: psi, mbar, inH2O, mmH2O, mmHg, inHg, Pa

    • HVAC

    • Industrial

    • Laboratories

    • Clean Rooms

    • Service/Maintenance

    • Calibration

    • Air conditioning

    Combining innovative functions with high accuracy and speed of response they are designed to make the operator’s job simple and efficient.

    The 2000 Series offers twin input for differential or gauge measurement with pressure ranges from 25mbar to 10bar.
    Advanced features include auto leak detection and logging – logs can be viewed on the meter or downloaded to a PC.

    Datalogging with the 2000P series - Some models in the 2000 Series feature special logging functions that enable readings to be taken, stored, retrieved and downloaded quickly. This reduces the risk of clerical errors.

    General Overview Data download with DigiLink
    • Data analysis with DigiLog for Windows
      Access to stored information is gained via Digitron's infrared DigiLink, which is
      designed to give users of the 2000 Series a quick and simple means of
      retrieving and downloading data.
    • Digitron have created a Windows™ software package, DigiLog, (suitable for
      all Digitron logging instruments) enabling information to be exported
      into spreadsheets and charts.
      Even separate reports from different units can be merged to produce one report.

    All instruments are dust and waterproof as standard (IP67) and optional coloured rubber boots are available adding protection and style to these multifunctional pressure instruments.

    General Technical Data
    Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C/+14°F to +122°F (ambient)
    Battery Type: Two AA or equivalent cells (not supplied)
    Battery Life: Typically 200 hours
    Low Battery Check: symbol appears on display
    Display: 12.7mm / 0.5" custom L.C.D.
    Over range/Under range 'Out' displayed
    Environmental Specifications: IP67 as standard with hose connected
    Auto Switch-Off Time: 12 minutes
    Dimensions: 155 x 67 x 40mm/6.1 x 2.6 x 1.6”
    Weight: 180g/6.4oz
    Instrument accuracies........
    From -10°C to +50°C/+14°F to +122°F 0.15%rdg +0.15%fs + 1 digit.
    0.3%rdg +0.3%fs to +1 digit (-Ve Pressures)

    DigiLink unit for Logging Manometers £76.50